Fresh and Local Products

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We have adopted the view that our services will be based on products that will express and highlight the production of Lemnos. We have shown particular sensitivity to our kitchen and our partners, trying to control and use all the raw materials that are based on the care and love of the Lemnos producer and not on the import of mass goods.

fresh fish on fishmarket

Fresh and Local Seafood

Large variety of fresh seafood from the fishermen of Lemnos, with special fish daily

pantry with vegetables

Lemnos' Goods

We support local producers, using products from Lemnos cultivation, such as vegetables, fruits and local pasta!

Local Products
steaks on hangers

Greek Production Meat

Top quality meats, cooked with love and care by us.

Our Meats
pouring wine in glass

Lemnos' Wines

A wide variety of local wines from Lemnos' producers, which have been distinguished and hold many awards and distinctions for their quality and taste

Local Wines




Excellent quality fresh lobsters, from our Greek seas. Enjoy them with local pasta or on their own.

man cleaning fish

Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish, straight from our port and Limnos' Kaikia. Fine fish and seafood, representing the true and quality taste of Lemnos


meat with knives

Greek Meat

Excellent Meats

different kind of raw meat on platter with herbs


Excellent Meats


variet of vegetables

Local Fruit and Vegetables

We support the local producers who cultivate with love and care the products of our island, in order to offer freshness and the special taste of Lemnos in our dishes

lemnos' pastry flomaria

Lemno's Pastry

The traditional pasta of Lemnos, made 100% from Lemnos products, with our local wheat and flour. Distinctive pasta, which replaces the basic side dishes in our food


wine pouring in glass

Exquisite Lemnos' Wines

Excellent Lemnos Wine, locally produced. Our wines have won many distinctions and awards for both their quality and authenticity.

wine cellar

Bottled and Bulk

Our restaurant has a wide variety of bottled and bulk wines, which are perfectly combined with our menu, in order to highlight the flavors and aromas of Lemnos


grapes on branches

Locally Produced Wine

In cooperation with the local wineries and producers of our island, we take care to provide you with high quality wine, directly from the grapes of Lemnos and our vineyards

Lemnos' Vineyards

Lemnos' Vineyards

The wine of Lemnos is one of the most characteristic products of our island. With the vast vineyards, the ideal climate, and the love of both our farmers and producers, the wine comes from the local vineyards to your table.